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When we think of antique lamps, old and worn might come to mind, but this is not the case. Antique lamps are sought out by homeowners who want to illuminate and beautify their home's decor or by collectors who want to preserve their beauty.

Antique lamps come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. Rare, early American, beautifully colored patterned glass lamps, oil/kerosene and collectible early electric antique lamps are just some of the styles we can find today. Some of these are one-of-a-kind originals and their prices are in the high thousands. However, there are some very lovely antique lamps that can fit pretty much anyone's budget today and we see them lighting up many homes.

Many antique lamps are as useable today as the day they were made, but others require restoration. They can be rewired to modern standards, fixed up and admired in our homes. Most of us can only imagine homes being lit by the warm glow of kerosene or oil many years ago. These antique lamps were essential to illuminate homes of yesterday and we have the advantage to still display them in our homes today.

Antique lamps come in every style imaginable so there is always a place in your home for them. Tiffany shades with glowing color, brass floor lamps full of detail, lamps for a table, ceiling or wall. They are very unique and will be a focal point of any room in your home. Antique lamps have a look of charm, beauty and comfort and will always be a treasured part of our home lighting options.

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